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Thread: low lev players scam

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    Default low lev players scam

    Well, I noticed recently a lots of players trying to buy stuff spamming low level chats. Nothing wrong with it as long as you offer decent ,fair prices but... the problem is that in 90% of cases you can see people offering drastically lower prices for items/boxes a special REX's . Sometimes its even 1/10 of real price...
    Not so long ago I even have seen a post from one of such scammers saying that he managed to buy a lots of purple / orange boxes from new players for like 5p - 15p each...

    Well.... I know what most kids will answer for this... this is free market and you can cheat, be *******, thief and have other , modern useful abilities in mmo games... but ..maybe Trion team could actually look into this problem and do something to prevent kids who think are smart from scamming other newbie players who in most cases know nothing about the game and are easy prey for our community scammers...
    Personally I find it disgusting and it makes my opinion about people playing Rift very negative as one of the worst communities I have ever seen in my over 10 years of mmorpg gaming...

    I didn't put this post here to see comments from scammers who will defend themselves but rather I want Trion to put some attention to the topic since their feedback/bug report system nor contact gm doesn't work so well...

    I believe that just periodically scanning low lev chats for scammers and ban them would be more than enough to improve experience from playing among new players, and I think this is what Trion wants... more new players here.........

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    If you get scammed, it's your fault for not asking questions and using the means to prevent it already in game. Use the AH, send items COD do NOT trade directly.

    As for newbies selling things for low prices well, that's up to them how much they want for things so, that isn't scamming if you give them what they want for it, even if it is 1/10 the average going price. That's smart business.

    Say one store was selling milk for 4.00/gal and another in town for 1.00 a gallon. You'd bu the 1.00 a gallon and tell your friends you'd get it for them for 2.00 a gallon happily and, take the profit. That's just business.

    If I see someone selling a GSLB for 5 plat, I'll buy it and resell it in a heartbeat. Same if a REX goes for 100plat, they got what they asked for it and, I make a nice profit. Where is the problem, that is not scamming, it's paying the price that is asked. So I know it's worth more, that's my time and experience in game, I have been there long enough to learn the prices and how to find out what going rate is for an item. If they haven't and sell low, oh well, that's what they want to do and, they will learn same as you and I did when we were new.

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    Sorry, but if any player (new or otherwise) is unwilling to spend the ten seconds it takes to do a search of the Auction House to see the current market value of their item before they sell it then I think they deserve whatever price they sell it for.

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