I play on the open world pvp servers mainly, and for the most part, pvp is fine. At least as fine as pvp in a game with leveling can be expected to be.

A little bit of trouble arises from spawn camping. Rather than prohibit it, what if we took a uniquely Riftish approach to the problem?

Spawn areas and quest giver locations often overlap. This is necessary, since such locations often become footholds when captured by npcs. This is necessary to immersion and other zone control mechanics. Perfectly fine.

However, what if, when a faction npc by a non-foothold spawn point is killed, it starts a faction rift. ie, if a L10 healer gets taken out for attacking a spawn camping L60, then L15 guardian reinforcement arrive, and if they get taken out, L20s spawn, and on down this line of thought. The net effect is that lone high levels can camp for awhile, but then they have to retreat eventually, at least until despawn. Raid groups will likely be unaffected. PvPvEers meanwhile accrue faction conflict currency in this open world activity.