These are some Idea’s I’ve had bouncing around in my head for a while and have finally aligned into something coherent I can put down.


Invasions/zone events and rifts could be tweaked to be better. Maybe something like: If a rift is left alone long enough it becomes 'fortified' meaning to close it you have to destroy the fortification points which are like footholds. It a foothold is left alone long enough it becomes fortified. If a zone event is left alone long enough, it starts bleeding into other zones, this give the rifts a more real feel. Instead of a static it only matters for the zone it’s in. Also maybe allow for players to fortify NPC points as well. This would allow for better balance for the players vs. zone invasions and the like. Also some continent wide invasions would be cool too.


While dimensions are great; one improvement I can think of would be the ability to ‘Co-Own’ with friends. This…

A) Allows them to move place and take items without everyone on your friends list also having that ability.

B) Allows all Co-Owners to place soul bound items. However if a Co-Owner is kicked by the founder (the one to who the dimension is bound) all soul bound items they placed are packed up and mailed to them.

Another thing that is needed is the ability to make a port to X friends dimension without having to open and navigate a window.


Hungering – This idea is based off of the Pen-and-Paper I run. The idea is like Planar Attunement. You get a weapon, maybe at a low level (low drop chance from every mob in the game?) by drop; maybe with raid tokens; maybe from some crazy Saga. However it is distributed it is ‘BoP’ and is a weak crappy weapon.

The trick is; the more this weak weapon is used the stronger it gets. The player is allowed to choose what stats it gets. So every so many levels, or at fixed levels it gains new stats that rise with it as it gets stronger. Maybe have a tier system, like how there are upgrade items in SL. Something like, the weapon upgrades 5 times then needs an item to reach the next tier. Though this may end up being bad in the long run; unless you do something cool with it like make it part of a quest/the Saga.

As far as visuals go, the weapons should start looking worn and rusted and get better as they increase in levels, with an awesome visual at the end. They also should not be able to be transfigured till the cap out.

Quality of Life:

More hair styles PLEASE!

A body type choice in Character Creation would be good, something like:

Slim/A cup; Athletic/B cup; Muscular/C cup.

This will give variance to the community, allowing for more divergence, and is mostly easy to implement; something along the lines of three different meshes per gender and race. The only ones needing their own unique ones really being the Bahmi and the Dwarves; the Eth and Mathosian’s would share them as well as the High Elves and the Kelari.

Also more variance in height would be nice.