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Thread: WTB Section in Auction House

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    Default WTB Section in Auction House

    So, as the AH currently is, there's a sell section where the players can view prices of currently available items. While this is great for sellers, it's not that good for buyers.

    It's a problem because you'll see people constantly spamming the channels to buy items for specific prices or asking for price checks when none of an item is available on the AH.

    I suggest implementing a system of "willing to buy" auctions. Players can post up their desired up and what price they want to pay for the item. This way, there's less flooding in chat channels as well as a way for people to see if there's a demand for rare items and what level of demand.
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    I have requested this feature since beta. I dont think it is coming but I can hope.

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    This is something that has been around in most systems that allow you to trade whatever it is, for a really long time. There are sell orders, like what you're used to seeing on the AH, and buy orders, which effectively is what you're suggesting.
    It'd be great to see, and while I'm not sure why it hasn't been implemented yet, I could only hope that there's a really good reason or issue behind why it hasn't, as it would be pretty valuable to a lot of people.
    Sure, not everyone would use it, but it'd be a great addition.

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