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Thread: Pet Based soul for Mage

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    Default Pet Based soul for Mage

    The mage has two souls that receive pets and/or pet bonuses yet they remain....not that great, in my opinion. (For pet based game-play and how the pets are, imo...the souls themselves...well at least, Necro, is fine)

    I feel that there should be a soul that has a talent on the fifth tier (so it would be a 21 pointer) that allows them to have two active pets at once, as well as reducing damage from AoE's by 70% plus 1% per point over 21 until 99%. There should be a 41 point talent that allows for three active pets at once. Having said this, there should also be talents in the tree at certain intervals that allow the use of elementalist/necromancer pets (to compensate for the 2/3 active pets).

    The bonuses for investing points should be 2% pet stats, 4% pet damage, 3% pet armor/resists and 1% endurance for player pet soul point. There should be a primary bolt for this soul, and buffs linking the pets/master (good synergy with other trees for a reason). The rest of the abilities unlocked should grant abilities to minions and/or talents that do so.

    An example of first tier talents:

    Increase damage of minions by 3% per rank (0/5)
    Attacks made by minions ignore 4% of armor and/or resists per rank (0/5)

    Second tier:
    Increases movement speed of minions by 2% per rank and gives 1% endurance per rank. (0/5)
    Increases armor for minions by 4% per rank (0/3)
    Cooldown recovery rate for minion skills increased by 10% per rank (0/2)

    These are just examples...thanks..

    I think this would open up some options for those of us that like pets...thanks!

    Please be nice...this is just intended as a way for us to play support and have pets for those of us that have them....think like the Mastermind in CoV..
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