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Thread: run animation of both elfs is bad

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    Default run animation of both elfs is bad

    hello all i rely like elfs in mmorpg

    i saw we have 2 kind of elf here to
    so i made a female character

    what i saw is how she runs and it was a big downfall to me
    so i try orther race but those females run much beter ??

    so i dunno if any have seen that ??
    wil be nice if trion make those elfs run beter in a way

    so let me no what you guys think

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    Default Elf run animation

    I agree that the "hunched over" look that elves have when running just does not look normal. It is not game breaking but I would LOVE to see this animation changed.
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    I dunno, Eth/Mathosian run like they've been smoking for 200 years, and dwarves run like they're hopped up on ephedrine.

    Bahmis run nicely though.

    Never noticed anything about my elf other than she always looks really bored; and she never blinks while on her mount. EVER. That wigs me out more than anything else. Other than that, the animations are quite nice, I think.
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