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Thread: The Death Toll: SOULBOUND?!

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    Default The Death Toll: SOULBOUND?!

    I just spent about ten 3-hour timers to open a Fae Yule present a day early. To my dismay, I looted The Death Toll, and it's binds on pick-up.
    I am playing a mage, and the upgrade for this is clearly meant for some kind of melee character. It does nothing for me at all; my Touch of the Storm Queen is better in every way.
    My suggestion is make these "gifts" bound to account, or make them tradeable. Any other time, these types of loot either match your class or they are at least bound to account, making them at least potentially useful, such as Greenscale Lockbox, Crucia's Supply Crate and rewards for completing dungeons.

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    The boxes just give you a random dungeon item. To make the rewards BtA, you'd have to duplicate every dungeon loot item as BtA. It's also not something they can do retroactively unless they make all dungeon loot BtA.

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