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Thread: Lore Idea for 3.0

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    Default Lore Idea for 3.0

    OK, I have been thinking that a small but significant change is needed in Freemarch. See, apart from the capital, it only has Kelari Refuge.

    So, how about we move the story of Jakub on a little bit, and have the Defiants recapture Smith's Haven, and close Denegars Stand, and Knights stand. However, the caves that citizens are currently hiding in is compromised by Jakubs soldiers, and now is a quest area, with a new tunnel that goes up to the fortress. Fill it with mobs, and give it branches and new areas to explore.

    Create a new story line about the caves being mined into from above, and one day, they are seized by Jakubs Soldiers just as the Defiants clear out and recapture Smiths Haven. Everyone inside is slaughtered, but former residents have moved back into the town and things are slowly getting back to normal.

    Freemarch has no taverns to rest in, and no sheltered areas. It could do with getting Smith's Haven back.

    Also, Meridian could do with a tiny bit of expansion. Taverns are a decent place to stop and rest, a sheltered area. So, find somewhere in Meridian for a Bar/Tavern.
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