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Thread: Change the text color for artifact "use:" messages.

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    Default Change the text color for artifact "use:" messages.

    I know this sounds trivial, but.

    The text saying "Use: Choose the set for this Artifact" is always the same exact green that would be used for a set name if the set were available, and the Available Sets text is always the same color regardless of whether there are any. Which means that you can't tell whether an artifact is usable from the tooltip without slowing down enough to read it -- you can't instantly tell from the color choice.

    If the "Use: Choose the set for this Artifact" text were, say, the yellowish color for the "This item can be upgraded" text, that would make it easier to eyeball artifacts for relevance without having to read them. Which matters if you have 50+ slots of them and want to sell the ones you can't use.
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    If there are no sets available, doesnt the text come up in red? Thats how I tell the difference between already collected arti's and usable ones. The text is all green if its usable, but if not, there is a section in red, and it says 0/1 sets available.

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