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Thread: Active Mount Animations?

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    Default Active Mount Animations?

    Giving activatable animations to mounts would just give mounts that tad bit more character and uniqueness.

    • Trails: A fire-themed horse leaving a trail of fire, ice themed mount freezing the ground behind it, Nebula and Aurora leaving some of that "stuff" behind (Has the appearance of their skin), etc.
    • Weapon animations for the mech mounts
    • Squirrel mount chasing its own tail
    • Activatable version of the squirrel's "standing up" animation
    • Toggle squirrel standing up or on all fours
    • Hellbugs vomitting all over the ground in front of them
    • Tiger growl (a short animation with a cool sound effect)

    Or alternatively, it might even do some cool illusion or something like Arachne turning someone into a cocoon, persisting until they move.

    Just put these actives under "Mount" in the abilities window :3

    Also, I'm not saying you should update every mount currently available to give them active animations. But maybe future mounts could have them...

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    I'd rather see a run/walk toggle for mounts than cosmetic animations. Sure it's be cool if the Ki Rin snorted smoke now and then but, I'd rather be able to choose to have it walk or run as I see fit to do.

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