These are some things that have been on my mind recently/a while that I would love to see implemented in Rift in the future:

- The new underwater rifts are interesting, but it got me thinking: do they all have to be oriented that way? Being underwater, we can move around in any direction, so maybe underwater rifts could appear at different angles, changing things up a bit.
- Also, I hope swimming mechanics are tweaked prior to exploring the plane of water. As they are right now, they just seem bland. There's no button to swim directly down, and it doesn't really feel like you're in water, just like gravity got removed. Things like sinking down more when jumping into water, or more resistance when turning might make it more interesting.
- I think animation speed should be capped differently when you get speed boosts. Running and swimming quickly doesn't need to always equate to limbs moving twice as fast. It just looks weird, IMO.
- When you enable walking, you should be able to walk backwards at the same speed you walk forwards. Right now you walk backwards much more quickly.
- It would be nice if mounts could walk as well.
- I'd love to see novel hairstyles...I hope they're on their way
- As it is now, it's pretty pointless for anyone except for rogues to equip a ranged weapon. No other abilities for the other classes take advantage of a ranged weapon, so the only time you use it is when you want to not use any other abilities and just auto-attack...which does very little. It would be great if every class had at least 1-2 abilities that used a ranged weapon, to deal damage on par with any other ability. These could be general abilities, or maybe added to at least one soul.
- Crossbows and pistols....please.
- For the most part, I appreciate armor that is tailored to females, but it doesn't always have to be boob plates. Think...Samus from Metroid, for lack of a better example.

That's all for now! Thanks for reading.