I've just spent the last several hours examining the mage's damage to other players v. clerics' damage, rogue, etc. Mages cannot hold up in pvp compared to other players because other players have too high of resistances and do not have any physical damage skills like the other classes. This means they cannot pvp effectively.

I would suggest, to fix this, that there be a completely separate soul tree for pvp that would level out the playing field and is completely inaccessible during pve. It would be the same skills, just the damage would be altered so that all damage dealers can do the damage they were originally intended to do. A damager should do just as much damage to another damager of equal and comparable stats of a different class. It shouldn't be "My damage cleric can kill your dps healing mage with a pet in 4 skill casts while, on role change, your epic damage mage takes 20 to kill me and I can STILL 4-hit that one."