Not sure if this has already been asked for,

I'd like to see the addition of ridable clouds, Tornadoes(Fire and regular Air types) that envelope the lower half of my body, Gushing torrents of water to float in (think wave while moving and geyser while still), a shimmering ice patch to slide around with, dark seething mass of miasma, A giant leaf.

There's a lot more that could be added, but i'm just thinking of things that a mage could actually do to transport him/herself around.

These could be more graphically intensive than other mounts but I'm sure the devs could find a way.

Also what about Elemental animals? like a Lion with fire for a mane and tail and eyes or a horse with lightning mane,tail, hooves and eyes.

Maybe the summonable elemental creatures would be a start.

Just something I thought would be cool....dosent really have to be Mage specific but I just think the mounts could be a bit more Non linear.....

What are your thoughts?