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Thread: crafting recipes

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    Default crafting recipes

    It should be set up like gear is in dungeon and raids. You should only be able to Need on a recipe if you carry that profession. 2 times now i have lost on recipe rolls to guys that dont even craft. Just so they can sell it to make Plat. or give it to a guildie. Had 1 whisper me after he won it, if i wanted to buy it for an unreasonable amount of Plat. IMO. Need to make it fair to guys that are going to spend the time doing and leveling Professions if recipes are going to be Loot they should only be able to be Needed by them. Greed roll for all others. Just like a warrior cant need on a cloth item, or a mage on a tanking shield..

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    i dont pve but not only do i agree to this i would also like to add that it should be that the only way to even see the recipe is to have the profession. so if a recipe drops and you dont have that profession you dont even get to loot or roll for it just like in WoW

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    In general, need/greed should be more aware of things like "items with dex but not str are for rogues", rather than relying only on item type or whatever, and yes, professions likewise.
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    They should also move recipe drops to Open World (level appropriate zones) as well as chronicles....or even, Heaven Forbid, just make them available for crafting marks....also have them drop from those crafting chests and crafting rifts as well. Why?....Cause crafters should be rewarded for taking the time and effort to level their professions.

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    The forums have a search facility. Had you used it you would have found this thread...


    ...which is still on the first page of this forum

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