I think this might be something that'd be greatly used on the store. Fast battle resurrection items. For them to work, without causing havoc, I think it should be utilized like this:

- Out of combat, click to instantly renew raid's battle resurrection abilities.
- Only affects those out of combat, feign death for instance wouldn't provide much benefit since others in combat.
- Low credit cost for high usage. 10 credits per perhaps. While it sounds low, people will love them and get used to buying them = more credit sells and faster raid pulls for raiders.

Honestly, this doesn't seem to shift the balance of power of any particular raid team, just allows for faster pulls and any 1 of 20 is capable of providing this for the raid. Also, on progression, 20-30 pulls = 200-300 credits used per raid, per raid day. Also, I'm sure pugs will use these to save the headache of wait times.