I've recently started to encounter much headbashing when trying to create my dimensions, mostly due to attempting precise item placement.

The main cause of this headbashing is the xyz placement, Especially when I'm trying to place a square object precisely next to another square object in order to make a floor or a wall. They current controls work fine if the top of the object is aligned with the y and the side with the x but as when you rotate the object the axis do not rotate with it. Y also points to dimension Y and X to dimension X instead of a fixed XY on the actual object. This leads me to Suggestions 1 and 2

1. Fix the X and Y axis controls to the object instead of the zone,

2. Add more directional arrows, Such as (Y),(YX),(X),(-Y,X),(-Y),(-Y,-X),(-X),(Y,-X) aka N,NE,E,SE,S...

3.Item attaching, Much as with UI interface allow most dimension items, or those with strait edges attach to another object so the parent object can move all attached to it. That way, lets say a 2nd floor can be built on ground level and then be raised up as a whole, or moved as a whole to fit the space allotted.

4.Final Suggestion is a numerical option to rotation and xyz placement. Such as actual dimensional coordinates for xyz, and 360 numerical for rotational with a small interface to type values into instead of trying to click and eyeball with mouse.

While I understand that these things may not be possible or come to fruition, all these things in my opinion would make creating dimensions more enjoyable as well as making higher quality dimensions possible for a greater range of players.