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Thread: Another new race/faction suggestion

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    Default Another new race/faction suggestion

    Okay, okay, I know these topics are almost done to death but I feel if a good enough idea is presented it may encourage the devs to seriously consider adding something that adds varaity to the game. We have suggestions for New classes and New races and New factions.. Could 'his be delivered all in the same package?

    Pretty much all the character models end up looking more or less the same. Variety would be to allow some demi humanoid models already existing to be playable.

    The one I think has legs, would be the troll.

    I am thinking the troll as one of the difficulties of having a new class would be the armour types,the troll will be able to have its own armour type carrying one type of stats these stats could then be converted within the souls (such as wisdom>block for cleric)

    As for the souls these could be about the spirits connected to the planes;
    Air - pet dps (like ranger using a sling)
    Earth - tank mitigation/high hp
    Fire- melee dps
    Water - caster dps (cast Times)
    Life - healer (sent like)
    Death - caster dps (dot insta cast type)
    Lava - tank with retri
    Storm - aoe caster dps (stormcaller/cabal)
    Judge - healer/dps (chloro/defiler)

    Armour would be 1 additional set (cloth, leather, chain, plate, troll) with or without role balanced stats.

    They could be a 'neutral' faction that at the end of a suitably brief stating zone choose to follow either the defiant or guardian path. So neutral in only the fact you can choose which side to fight on.

    There would be the issue of mounts, this I feel could be overcome by a 'quick stride' ability with 'mounts' to collect being 'shoes' (just a thought)

    Would this meet most people's requirements? Would this be practical for the devs to implement?

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    Trolls should not be given special status in any game. :P

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