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Thread: Spread A little cheer and remove CQ decay over Christmas.

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    Default Spread A little cheer and remove CQ decay over Christmas.

    A lot of us go away for the Christmas festivities to visit friends and relatives etc. Hell isnt that part of what the holiday is all about?

    Wouldn't it be nice to come back to Rift and not find a vast chunk of your CQ power removed? Wouldn't you think nice warm and fluffy thoughts about Trion at this time of goodwill to all?

    So I'm suggesting that from Christmas Day to New Years Day the CQ decay is temporarily removed. Those that are away for the best part of week will thank you, and those that play for the duration will not notice any difference as they'll be topping up their CQ points as they go

    So dont be a Scrooge and please suspend it
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    Love this idea. Guess we'll see how big of Scrooges Trion is.

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    Dear Santa,

    This year I'd like you to get rid of Conquest Power decay altogether.



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