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Thread: Non-humanoid

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    Default Non-humanoid

    I did not see a thread already like this:

    I have seen a lot of MMO's that do humanoid classes, but wouldn't it be neat if we could play as say a squirrel? (just for the dev who loves those things )

    I not saying like an animal-human (ie Pandas from Wow -- Sorry first thing that came to mind)
    Or Shape shifters. (No, bad shape shifters, no)

    I want to play as a dragon, or lion, or something that is NOT a humanoid. It could be a race that has its own starting zone where they are accidentally exposed to a machine going bad on a defiant and thus this begins the new races' ability to begin to learn.

    Maybe a bad idea for rift, but my point is not a humanoid race. There are already so many of those that to play a squirrel or a dragon or a toad would be neat to me.

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    I know it wouldn't be Rift, but you should try a game called Istaria(formerly horizons). It actually lets you play as a full out dragon. You start off as a hatchling with no flight, and then advance through adulthood to ancient, gaining flight along the way. They have their own adventure schools and craft schools and can even build an underground cave-like lair.
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