Hello fellow beastmasters.

When trying to dps as Beastmaster, you add in Fierce Strike to your rotation because the talent Fierce Wounds increases your pet's damage by 15% for 12 seconds.

Once you get all of your bleeds up, Fierce Strike is a significant dps loss compared to Vicious Blow (which rewards you for maintaining your bleeds).

This is a simple change I suggest: Make Fierce Strike work with tracker addons.

In their current form, trackers like KaruulAlert require you to reload your UI every single time you summon your pet to track it. The exact technical reason this occurs is unknown to me.

Solution #1 (easiest): Make a do-nothing buff on the warrior when using fierce strike that says "your pet does +% damage!" which is easily trackable.

Solution #2 (harder): Change however pet buffs are trackable by addons so Kalert and other addons can track it easier.