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Thread: Mass Soul Mend

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    Default Mass Soul Mend

    I have bought several of these items in hopes to keep the pace of our raid moving. I think the idea of a mass soul mend is awesome. The problem is it doesn't work. This is an item the you can purchase via credits only, and yet it never works as intended. In 10man or less its about 50/50 chance that it fully heals all 10 people. But I have never had it heal the full 20 man. 0% of the time has it worked properly in a full raid out of at least 10 times being used. Not sure if this has been brought up yet, but maybe this can be looked into. Thanks.

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    i have never seen it fail to get everyone nearby, one of my old guildies use to use one whenever anybody tried or even hinted at trying to summon a medic.
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