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Thread: Suggestions for crafting profession system

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    Default Suggestions for crafting profession system

    As someone who has every crafting/harvesting profession (except Weaponsmith, for the moment) I feel I should make some suggestions about how to improve the long-term viability of the system. Right now it is not really being used to full functionality in my opinion. Please see below:

    1. As a matter of game scaling, only top-end crafted gear are worthwhile. All other permanent gear items/runes/augments are of minor or no value, except in some cases as for training (skilling up).
    2. There are not enough consumables creatable, thus limiting the ongoing usefulness of the professions.
    3. There are no self-oriented abilities tied to crafting. This may or may not be a good thing; I suggest an examination of the issue be done if it hasn't already. I do know they increase the value of professions considerably if they meet game balance requirements.

    Please see my suggestions below as to how to improve the situation:

    1. Gear/Augments/Runes: no way to deal with how most become obsolete; we just level too fast. We could however have more options at the high end to cover more needs. For example in the case of runes there could be dexterity-based head and leg runes and strength-based chest and shoulder runes. There should be something other than endurance or crit power for boots.

    2. We could stand to have a lot more consumables. For example in Armorsmith how about elemental resistance buff plates? Stronger plates in general (for a higher material cost) would be good as well. For weaponsmith there should be physical critical weaponstones (not just extra damage on crit ones).

    3. Self-oriented powers need to be considered carefully. Probably the best way to handle is it to make things cosmetic oriented, such as creating your own profession-specific mounts (that can only be summoned if you are that profession) or, similarly, pets. Some costume pieces for outfit slots would also be good as would things like "glow" abilities for weapons and your body, etc. Creating temporary forges/worktables might also be good as high-skill abilities.

    On a related note, could we pretty please have some kind of Engineering/Technology profession?
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