Greetings Rift Developers. Being the avid and die-hard pvp player, and perhaps the occasional dungeon runner I am enjoying playing Rift immensely. I'm grateful for the changes that have been made to Rift over the last year or so.

I have thought up of a pvp type war-front. This war-front is a play on the classic “Conquer The Castle”; After all, we are all playing warriors, rogues, clerics, and magicians.

The idea is for two opposing teams to storm a castle, capture objectives and resources, fight off the opposing teams and resources, ultimately allowing for one team to conquer the castle. The resources could include cannons, trebuchets, mangonels, ballistas, battering rams, siege towers, bombards, hand cannons, bonuses to armor, health, mana regen while in combat, archer damage + increased distance.

I'm not a developer, or engineer. But I would imagine it being simple to come up with ideas along this scenario, and include quests and objectives. I have many ideas in my head about particular aspects of this scenario, but as previously mentioned – I'm not experienced in this area. Surely you guys are.

Please add new war-fronts, additional conquest, additional daily pvp quests, new pvp tier equipment, new planar attunement pvp specialist branch with lots of new pvp bonuses, weekly pvp competitions 1v1, 3v3, 5v5 with the only reward being title and achievement (and of course being recognized by the Rift pvp community), remove pay to win from all pvp related content as much as possible, include more pvp wardrobe stuff that is awesome and looks brutal (this can be pay to win). In general please buff the pvp aspect of Rift. Oh, and can us pvpers have a nice and exclusive pvp mount at 150% for P90?

This is all I have. Thank you, you are all doing an excellent job.