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Thread: Artifact Collections

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    Default Artifact Collections

    I myself would love to see a revamp of the artifact collection tab and have an easier way of sorting the collections.
    Have the artifacts sortable by REWARDS such as: Grants Title, Vanity Pet, Reward Coffers
    Have the artifacts sortable by ZONE such as: Moonshade Highlands, Shimmersand, and even by Brevane and Dusken

    I know it's a pain to scroll through so many artifact sets for figure out which set is missing what since there might be many in progress. It would be nice to have it a bit easier to navigate!

    Thanks for reading my suggestion

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    This would be a really nice thing to have done for the collections tab. With a vast amount of artifact collections one could have, it would make it faster to search with more specific parameters (example: unfinished collections in Stillmoor or completed collections of Silverwood).

    I would have to add just another suggestion. Have another search option for type of artifact. Since in the future there will be three types (normal, twisted, unstable), there should also be an option to SORT by type.
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