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Thread: Dimension Admin Suggestions

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    Default Dimension Admin Suggestions

    Adminstrator Tools (Account wide - meaning any character on an account can administer the dimension of any character on the account)
    • -Kick a character from a dim
    • -Ban a character, all characters on account, or guild from dimension
    • -Invite a character, guild, group/raid to a dimension
    • -List who is currently in your dimension
    • -to be able to have a friends of guild list for guild dim and therefore the associated permissions, so you could hire a dim engineer to help withthe guild dim without having to add them to your guild.
    • -to be able to invite char/group/raid/guild to guild dim


    -Retain the current groups of Friends List, Guild and Public BUT
    -Be able to specify people not on your friends list who have the different levels of access (Access, Move, Place, Pickup)
    -Ban not just those on your ignore list either by single character, or a checkbox to include the entire account of characters associated with the banned character, or the guild the character belongs to as well.

    That when you Ban a character you have the option to select all characters associated on the same account or future characters which may be created on that account. To ban any guild tag associated with that character as well, to be put on the ignore list as well when you ban like with "Report Offensive"

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    I highly support this.

    We're especially in desperate need of player-specific permission. I don't want to risk the rest of my friends or guildies messing up my dimension when I just need to give editing privileges to only one person.

    Kick/banning a player could work in tandem with it if you add ignore/block function to that player-specific permission option, and make it in a way that even if the player is already inside, the moment you revoke the player's visiting permission they'll get kicked out.

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    I fully agree with all the OP suggested!
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    I very much agree with the suggested. And specially like the friend of guild part. That would make it possible to do the guild dimension achievement without having to leave your guild or messing up your guild hall.

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