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Thread: Main Map Improvement Suggestions

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    Default Main Map Improvement Suggestions

    I would like to make a suggestion to the Main Map so that we can more easily check zone events on the two separate continents. This can be used for both the Main Map and Porticulum Maps.


    The idea:
    • Icons at the top of the maps that will allow you to quickly switch between the maps - view their zone events/etc.
    • Side bars with a gradient opacity texture which 'lights up' slightly when you hover over them, to switch between the Maps.
    • Perhaps even add a Level Range indicator so people get an idea of what each map's level range is. (i.e. Mathosia (1-50), Storm Legion (51-60), Moon Upelluri (61-65))

    This should help with people checking on what zone events are active without having to constantly monitor their chat window for /Events announcements. Even if you put /Events on a separate chat tab, it won't tell you when zone events end so all you'll know is what the latest announcements were - not if the zone events are still running.

    It should also help out with 3.0 Plane of Water - switching between the 3 maps.
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