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Thread: Suggestion: New abilities

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    Default Suggestion: New abilities


    Channeling attack. Duration 3 secs. CD 1min. Animation, using his ranger weapon shots 1 target 1 time every sec at the end gives 3 attacks points. I wanna see a warrior using his ranger weapon


    Utility. CD 1 min. Using the same kind of ability of the rogues, he can put a teleport beacon (30m range) and he can cast like an AOE damage (big red circle) and teleport up to 5 allies (from the red circle) to the previous teleport beacon (mark). (Beam me up scotty)


    Channeling attack (soul inquisitor) duration 3 secs. CD 1min. The cleric cast a ST attack to the target causing a fire damage. Animation could be a mini wall of flames at the target. (name of the ability Torch'made related to Torquemada) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom%C3%A1s_de_Torquemada


    Channeling attack. (any melee soul) duration 5 secs. CD 1min. The rogue cast a ST attack to the target causing physical damage giving 1 attack point every second. Animation, using his one handed/offhand weapon, the rogue spin in his position near the target and cut the target several times.(you can call the ability a thousand blades)

    That's all for now
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    mage already has that ability, it is the 61 point archon point to point

    Places a totem at both the targeted ally's location and the Mage's location. Group and raid members near each totem gain a temporary ability allowing them to teleport to the opposing totem's location. Totems last 5m.
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    More abilities? We're drowning in the ones we have, already.

    Furthermore, that channeled warrior ability? It's called Lightning Torrent. If I never see my ranged weapon outside of swapping gear sets, I'd be fine with that.
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