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Thread: SUGGESTION: Permissioned Guild Bank Crafting

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    Default SUGGESTION: Permissioned Guild Bank Crafting

    Allow crafting from guild bank.

    This would draw from guild bank as a third source for crafting for guilds that allow it for members, whether for gearing up guild members or for providing resources for members for old world or SL dailies. (Or raid consumables, high level crafting materials etc.)

    Depending on the guild, many guilds already permission access to materials by putting them on appropriate tabs. Whether goods could be drawn out of the bank for crafting could simply be added beneath the 'Withdrawal Stack Limit/Day' to something like 'Automatically withdraw for crafting?' or some such. Rather than something like stacks per day, this would be a numerical limit to dictate the actual physical number of goods to be allowed out of the bank. The items withdrawn would be written to the log (hopefully in a condensed form so if someone pulls out 8 banded puffer to craft, it's not 8 lines of withdrawing 1 banded puffer).

    Since it could be allowed or denied on a tab by tab basis, items which you do not wish to allow to be consumed in this way could be stored on separate tabs. New world materials or materials in higher value could be split out or if you simply do not wish to provide this feature for guild members then it could be turned off.

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    My name is Sri and I approve of this suggestion. Would save me from having to find all the items, how much and put them in my personal bags, make the items and put them all back.

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