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Thread: Currency tab should display weekly limits

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    Default Currency tab should display weekly limits

    Currently there are weekly limits / caps on the following currencies...

    Empyreal Slayer's Marks
    Frozen Eclipse Stones
    Warlord's Marks
    Myrmidon's Marks

    However, some players remain completely unaware of the cap's existence until they hand in a quest / daily / carnage / dungeon reward / weekly and receive a message advising them that they cannot collect any more of that currency in the current reset, thereby wasting some of that currency.

    My suggestion is that the currency tab should not only record the total amount of these currencies that you have but that for the currencies which have weekly limits imposed upon them it should also show how many you have earnt in the current reset and what the limit is.

    This would avoid the situation where people are popping token vials only to have some of the rewards those vials would have given them wasted due to over-capping.

    Alternatively, when you're handing in quests and so on that would give a currency that has a limit, if the hand-in would take you over the cap, issue the player with a dialog advising them this would happen and ask them to confirm if they still want to hand it in or not.

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    [QUOTE=Meteorblade;4621159]daily limit shown[QUOTE]

    I think this is a great idea. maybe they could make it a tooltip effect, like when you hover your mouse over your spells a description comes up. Maybe hovering over each currency with your mouse could show a tooltip displaying the following: X|Y, being amount earned this period | currency cap. That way it wont drastically increase the table size for currencies in both your currency tab and the ingame shops. Because you really want all three data points, the amount you have, the amount earned this period, and the cap for this period...without clogging the screen.

    Great idea!
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    Great idea!

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