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Thread: Promotional Event

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    Default Promotional Event

    Have the art department make a banner like the World Events only call it Promotional Events for when the Rift Store has promotions such as Fashion Week and Mech Week. I think the promotions were fine but many of us just felt mislead since it was labeled as a World Event.

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    I actually like this idea. And make sure it includes the right info. Would have loved for it to be more obvious that each char only gets one mech box for the week in game.
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    Default "World Event"

    For me, it was weird this promotion, i have to farm a lot of items in order to buy one REX, but not even with 3 temp vaults i manage to find the mech mount
    As for the Fashion Week, it was cosmetical for me

    So i agree this quest and promotional items just named as Promotions, not World Event

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