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Thread: Suggestion for a new cash shop item

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    Default Suggestion for a new cash shop item

    I'm sure I'm not the only person who has multiple alts and gets frustrated when I'm playing and I get a drop I could use for another character.

    I'd totally buy an item that turns a "soulbound" item into "bind to account" item. Charge the same price as rune unsocketing apparatus and planar removal devices (160 credits) that way it's cheap enough not to care about the cost.

    Some would argue that this could be used to grief and open up pay to win (master looters and ninja's), but other than those two instances you would still have to be in a group and do the work for the loot, and if you're trying to get loot for another class anyways, you have to win a greed roll.

    Make it happen and take my money please. Thanks in advance.
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    People may argue it is "pay to win", but we must smile compassionately and gently correct them, for they after all this time still know not what "pay to win" means.

    In any case, I think it's a good idea. Can't see it being any more "grief"-y than everyone rolling Need on recipe dungeon drops. No big deal.
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    Aye, people already roll "Need" on everything they can anyway, and the general understanding for Rifts is the one who opens it gets first dibs on the loot.

    Maybe have it work on everything but the current highest tier? That way it serves as a great catch-up mechanism for alts, and still forces people to play with a given character to get the best gear for it.
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