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Thread: SUGGESTION : Some simple things

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    Default SUGGESTION : Some simple things

    I wont make a wall of text or anything just want to suggest some things that in my opinion should help the game.I'll explain reasons as we go on.

    1. Remove or Increase the planarite cap.I found myself not having anywhere to spend planarite be it lures or essenses since i have them all and by hitting the cap i loose all the planarite i collected from events,hunts etc...Since it's a currency being used by all i think most of people would agree that the cap has no point being there.

    2.Be able to copy/paste links in chat.I dont know if this one has mentioned before but i think we should be able to paste a link in the chat and then press it and open a browser.Usefull in raids when you need a quick tactic look.

    3.Make the chat window so that it can hide too.I need as less clutter on my screen as possible.If i want it i'll mouse over it or toggle it on/off.

    4.Put cooldown counters of abilities on bars.This one i think should help alot of people.

    5.Fix the main bar temporary ability thingie.When you dont like to have the main bar and need a UI as clean as possible removing it get's you in trouble when you want to use another bar since the abilities only go to the main one.

    6.Make a limit of players shown.This would help alot in events where graphic lag is at it's top...having 4 fps on Swarm of Century does no good.Make it that should show e.g. min 20players and max 100 or 200.

    7.Individual window resize.This should help alot when someone wants to scale down he's UI but dont want some windows to be very small....

    8.Toggle on/off Target of target's buffs/debuffs...havent seen it anywhere as an option and having like 40 buffs/debuffs on target frame and another 40 on ToT's frame can be come a mess...

    9.Be able to use character in forums.Should be very good to post with your char and not with your account.Just put the character and the server and should be good.That would help trades/guildfinds etc to be more flexible.

    Well that's my thoughts and if anyone has something to add please do.Discuss away people...
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