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Thread: SUGGESTION: Additional Patron Bonus Ideas

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    Default SUGGESTION: Additional Patron Bonus Ideas

    Here's some ideas I have had that might make becoming a Patron more attractive for those that already have all the notoriety, xp, etc. These are just some ideas and more are welcomed, of course, and these could all be present or mix and match, etc.

    1) Patron Tokens - These have a chance to drop from any kill and can be redeemed for possibly the following: a) loyalty, b) credits, c) plat, d) a special patron fluff grab bag with guaranteed 'something nice for your account' whether that's a pet or neat costume skin or whatever. Be creative. These could ONLY be earned/spent by patrons, and if you really WANT to, you could have these grab bags also be purchasable with credits in the store. But please post detailed list of what might be in them if you do this route.

    2) Baseline 5 or 10% more everything like all currencies (including silver/gold/plat) (though excluding Patron Tokens if implemented). Plat is used at endgame for everything, so it's a resource that doesn't go unused by people who already have it all in the notoriety/xp department. It could also be used to buy REX which acts as a tiny bump in lieu of credit stipend.

    3) Increased RIFT Store Discounts based on Loyalty Tiers. Each tier achieved really says 'we support you TRION' and it'd be nice to see a store discount go up by tier. It'd encourage people to spend more money to get there, as well as be added bonus for Patrons because they get loyalty for their subs.

    4) Occasional 'lucky bag' drops for Patrons. These could have consumables, loyalty, what have you. Something that says 'hi we know you're a patron and this is for you because you're special to us, thanks for supporting us'. It'd just be a little reminder that while you play you can be a winner just for subscribing. These would NOT require keys or additional credits to unlock because this is a reward (albeit still a chance to drop) for patrons. These could have mounts, pets...things you'd find in the store. The odds could be low for the big ticket items but having a CHANCE at something cool now and then is quite nice.

    5) Buff those tier bonuses. A single potion or a brevanic portal thing (especially for those who don't want or use it) seems underwhelming for those loyalty milestones and certainly doesn't really encourage some of my friends to bother spending a bit extra this month or that to push into that level. Give loyalty items people will ooh and ahh over. Cute pets, mounts, costumes, these things might generate more interest. Titles even. Getting an xp pot (for those who already 'have it all' in the xp department) is not all that appealing. Esp. if they're soulbound.

    6) Patron Luck: Just what it says. You're luckier in getting drops for your class or you're luckier getting the rare items to drop, however you want to work this. Maybe work it into gathering professions...chance to get double your skinning or cloth or herbs or ore, etc. For those (like myself) that RNG hates, this might be appealing. It might also work for a better chance to get cool stuff out of lockboxes rather than the dreaded single use potion.

    7) Chance to not consume consumable: This would be a chance to possibly NOT consume your consummable (whatever it might be) and still gain the bonus from it as if it were consumed. It can be a low chance but it'd be snazzy to have that potion you made go for longer, and it's a chance each time so lucky people might get to reuse the same potion more than twice, etc.

    8) Crafting Item Bonus Chance: Chance to proc multiples of an item you are crafting (1-5). This would be very exciting for crafters, and possibly even encourage more people to /buy/ all the professions. Win-win.

    I'm sure there are others and I'd love to hear what you guys have thought about. Please post any constructive comments or ideas here. It's been said already they're not really wanting to do a stipend of credits so I posted some alternatives here.
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    • The Patron bonuses i.e. XP, Notoriety, and Tokens should be blanket. That means that when you log in, you ALWAYS see the little window telling you that your bonus is in effect... no more vials and daily recharges. These stack with any vials bought in the store or special weekend bonuses. AND, these bonuses apply to ALL XP, Notoriety and Tokens including Frozen Eclipse Stones.
    • I like the idea of increasing the store discount depending on Patron Level. Right now it's 20%? And that is the same whether you spend $1 or $1000. Make it max out at 30%, so it would be something like this Green=6% discount, Blue=12%, Purple=18%, Orange=24%, Red=30%
    • The Daily and Weekly gifts are... well, crap at ALL tiers. Again, the higher you get into the Tiers the better the chances should be on something special, even if it's only for the weekly gift. You're running a special Lockbox that week, give people a chance to pull that as their weekly gift. And PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE... give people a CHOICE on what currencies they can win. If I win 100 of Currency X, let ME choose what it is. I personally don't PvP but 9 times out of 10 I am awarded PvP currency that is USELESS to me. Pop up a Quest like window that lets you choose what Currencies or Tokens you want.
    • Lockboxes. When I see these things I think of gambling and that Trion is trying to play the bait and switch. You want to sell these, fine. Tell me ALL the items that I may pull and what my odds are to pull each item. If I am going to gamble, I need to know if the odds are stacked against me so I can make an INFORMED decision. And, as a Patron I think my odds should get better depending on my Loyalty Tier.
    • The Full Monty - You want to play around with the definition of Pay to Win, fine. If you're going to do it, just do it and stop putzing around. Put the items in the store and be done with it. I think people will be more willing to buy something than buy a CHANCE at something. As long as the price is within reason.
    • Either separate World Events Items from the store or make ALL World Event Items available in the store. There are a few items from OLD world events that I wouldn't mind having for some of my ALTs.

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    I like #3 and #5 the most from the OP's post. Anything that awards loyalty a bit more is great, especially considering that loyalty tiers are exponential in difference rather than linear...so too should their rewards.
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    * To the OP's #2, I would certainly enjoy a currency buff as a higher loyalty tier augment of treasure map. The crafting item bonus proc could be another way to enhance the treasure map. There could also be a gathering proc that gives a chance to get an additional item in gathering.

    * For #3, I would very much like to see this as well. Even an additional 1% here and there along the loyalty tier as one progresses is a worthwhile reward and nothing I would scoff at. Any time I feel that I am getting more *value* out of where I spend my money, I am ultimately going to adjust my budget to spend more money where I feel I get the most value.

    * Please make the daily gifts more rewarding somehow. At this point I do not honestly know if the particular tier of patron's gift box I receive actually rewards me anything better on average than the previous. More currency, better or rarer artifacts, better quality potions? In particular it's at this point where I'd rather like some thought/logic in the gifts. For example,
    --I always fantasized (yes, I admit it's an outright fantasy) that there was a *chance* I'd get an artifact I actually *needed* as opposed to something just random.
    --Or that I would not get notoriety potions that were soulbound when I am capped on all notorieties in the game. Make these items BoA instead please. I hate having to open them on an alt if I get a potion, then mail around artifacts, or have to make the choice to open it on my main in case I get ESM versus IS which I have a gazillion.

    Loyalty? At lower tiers this was fine. Fun even, especially when I realized I could 'win' 50 loyalty. It made a big difference. Now? Now it seems silly. Please don't waste my pressie that I actually look forward to opening on something that I feel holds far less of an actual "appreciation of me as a valued customer."

    * To the OP's #5, I've said this in other posts, I'll say it again. To reach some high tier loyalty benchmark and get a widget I will never use but store eternally, or a potion which holds insignicant value relative to the benchmark is a lack of creativity as well as a lack of real appreciation on your part. You've had several months now since F2P came out and the Loyalty structure has been introduced. I will unabashedly admit there have times at certain milestones on some of the tiers I have spent money faster or bought credits in advance of my need of them to get the milestone.

    Then there are times I just suddenly hit a milestone not realizing it was coming because it was a portal battery or a potion I don't need. Whoever designs the tier rewards should WANT me to actively be anticipating the next reward.

    * I do like Sepulchreknight's idea of having patron bonuses always be on, and stacking with store purchased vials. It would not preclude me from buying vials when I wanted to power level a character, but in the daily scheme of things.

    * It's also mentioned that we should be told what the possible contents for lockboxes are? I think this is true across the board for ALL players. Full disclosure of all contents. I am sick and tired of opening them and getting something that is ... shockingly worthless compared to the items shown as "possible winning contents," not to mention *not* knowing if I *can* still win a particular item from a previous lockbox.

    * I can imagine quite a few people have red loyalty tier by now. I see nightmare mounts. I can also imagine a lot more people in orange, given that people ended up somewhere in purple depending on what they did with their subs over the course of the life of the game. What is going to happen after Red?

    The Loyalty system should be managed more dynamically and frequently, at least on a quarterly basis -- since the goal is to drive your players through the store to make a profit, loyalty does not just hinge on patronage -- letting the loyalty system stagnate makes it seem it was more just to placate existing players when going f2p. Please show it some TLC.
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    Default All good ideas.

    I like all of these ideas.

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