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Thread: Difficulty settings...

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    Default Difficulty settings...

    This is a thing that DDO gets a fair bit of mileage from, and CoH had a variant too.

    Basic idea: Allow players to set preferences for the relative difficulty of content, which affect both challenge levels and rewards.

    CoH had basically no "named loot", so they just awarded level of loot based on level of enemies, and quantities of loot based on quantities of enemies, and that worked.

    In DDO, you can in some cases get named loot (which may not matter much) by running something at a lower difficulty, but all the other rewards are substantially weaker at low difficulty, and substantially higher at harder difficulties. Additionally, they have a system where doing content for the first time at high difficulty gives special bonuses.

    The basic utility of a system like this is to provide a way for inexperienced players to practice or learn content, or at least get through it and be able to get something done, or for more experienced players to challenge themselves.
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    I thought that's why we have all the different level zones? You learn the game as you move through each zone and grow stronger with every level, skills, gear etc...

    I think there are other, more important areas where Trion should focus their energy on. If players want a difficulty setting, maybe they should just play single player titles. ;)

    Just my opinion.

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