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Thread: 5 min immunity after being killed in open world pvp

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    Default 5 min immunity after being killed in open world pvp

    ... before the open world pvp'rs jump in on this, this is not a complaint thread it's a suggestion!

    Everyone knows the risks by rolling a character on a PVP server but maybe a few minutes immunity on respawn might make things a bit fairer. This would give the player an escape route (not everyone is in a guild to call for backup support).

    I'm not sure if pvp'rs will agree with me on this, but after you have killed a player do you really need to kill them again as soon as they respawn, is there a point your trying to make? You have already proved you can kill him/her (unless i'm missing something which means you need to instantly kill them again, a title perhaps?).

    Spawn camping respawn points isn't PVP, it's just plain ganking.

    This suggestion is coming from a player of 30 months (in during beta, but not always on a pvp server).

    Thanks for reading this and can we keep the replies constructive please.

    Cheers guys.

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    let remake this whole thing?

    on respawn a 15 seconds "buff", which makes user pvp immune, and increases run/mount speeds by 20%. buff is removed if player takes a hostile action.

    15 seconds with a speed boost will likely be enough to get away a fair distance from the attacker/respawn point.

    there are only 2 possible traps with this method :

    a) attacker uses /tar + /follow macro while mounted, to latch onto you and move along
    b) attacker has waaay faster mount and easily catches up to you.

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