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Thread: Some of my requests

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    Default Some of my requests

    1. More map interaction.

    The current map can be very spare or very crowded, depending on how many invasions are there in the zone. Also, the map lacks some very useful tools like multiple waypoints, points of interests, or even marking off areas.

    a. multiple waypoints, aka, "pathing", let us place a string of waypoints on the map, so that they show up as a single line, rather than the current, as-the-crow-flies mark.

    b. option to mark points or areas, added bonus if we are allowed to use custom colors

    c. option to hide other player's marks, or even ignore certain marks (as if you were the original marker). the reason being, that sometimes, people may mark something, and forget about it, and the mark then either confuses others, or just plain hides other important stuff on the map. just let us "unmark" the mark, but ONLY for us, the other can see it too.

    d. option to hide/show other map markers, like, invasions, players, quest markers, wardstones, etc.

    2. An ingame "showcase" or bestiary of bosses/creatures/models.

    something like this : http://i169.photobucket.com/albums/u...psaa863dfe.png

    some of the bosses are beautifully made, and sadly, we cant see them upclose without dying.

    3. better/more responsive scrollbars :

    the current scrollbars are too "jumpy" for me, eg : when i browse my artifact collection, i frequently skip several sets, simply because i have so many that i cannot control how quickly i move the scrollbar. this is while using low sensitivity settings both in game and in windows.

    and god forbid if you try to scroll by clicking the arrow buttons, hell would probably freeze over before i manage to scroll beyond the first 10 artifacts.

    please trion, make these happen!!!
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