Hi, basically I've played every single mmo out there and at the moment I'm enjoying Rift. Great game so far, I have a big issue tho.
Since I'm a pvp-er my biggest issue with Rift is lack of spells/skills animations. I would like to know what's going on around me without having to select everything and before it's already too late (spells). Now couple of examples:
A) Would be great if CC spells would have easy to recognize animations OR at least icons above targets, to see if someone is stunned/feared/incapacitated etc without having to select him.
B) Same thing for healers/ranged dps casters, to recognize if it's a healer is casting a healing spell or a damage spell, or if a Mage is casting a death spell or a frost spell etc without having to select it
C) same for shields, give shield animation for people having shields(I'm talking obviously about the spell shields)
D) melee/ranged physical skills animations improved ( not as important as first 3 but still would be nice)
E) improved buffs animations

I think A), B) and somewhat C) points are critical
I do realize this whole animation revamp would be a lot of work, since rift has such a vast array of spells/skills but in my opinion on long term this would benefit the game a lot.
My 2 cents
Keep up the good work