posted this in a pvp thread, reposting here even though I have no idea if anyone ever reads this forum.

Why not just add in PvP versions of all current pve trinkets that you can purchase with myrm marks, NOT CQ marks. Replace the ap and sp with venge and call it a day. If it pleases you trion, you can even make a cash grab here.

Add a set number of trinkets, like dps/heal/tank for caster and fighter stats, Dex/str equal and int/wis equal. Have it be one version of the pve procs and offer the others with the item you use to swap weapon's stats currently.

Example: have a warrior and rogue trinket with the following that you buy with marks and can upgrade

Xxx end
Xx str
Xx Dex
Xx veng
Xx valor
Heals on damage taken

Offer trinkets with the same stats, just with different procs

Shield on damage taken, and use ability shield.

Remove the on block and deflect requirement and make it just damage for the defensive trinkets so it isn't useless for mages, and people who play defensive classes that don't block (and PvP gear doesn't boost block rates).

Damage can come with damage proc, or be swapped to damage dot and damage/drain or something

Heal can be an added heal proc when you heal, or swapped to shield proc, or hot proc

Obviously throwing out random ideas, but the base idea is there.