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Thread: Ways to improve things such as Mech Week

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    Default Ways to improve things such as Mech Week

    Firstly, I want to say that I support efforts by Trion to generate income and I find that, for the most part, the lockbox approach works quite well. That being said I have found this new Mech Week lockbox system to not be ideal for the players I have spoken to nor, I feel, for Trion. Suggestions for improvement, below:

    1. Give a lockbox - or something like it - every day of the event. There is a well-established perception amongst many players that things such as lockboxes and their keys should be available in game, even if it is at a fairly low chance. As things stand right now, the Temporal Lockbox is only available in game from the initial quest and is not available from subsequent ones nor from any other source in game. This has, in my opinion predictably, upset many players. To resolve this, either a lockbox should have been given from a daily quest every day or some kind of "package" that might contain a single lockbox item should have been provided. To avoid false expectations (even if they are not completely justified) this package would have been given on the first day as well. There could have been a meta-day or even weekly quest to get a full lockbox; in that way players would have been encouraged to log on every day - always a good thing - and would know from the outset about the lockboxes, which I suspect was the reason why a lockbox was provided on the first day. Also, just as temporal adjusters were provided from expert daily dungeon charges, perhaps less of them could have been provided by Warfront Daily charges (since those are generally easier than dungeons?). Not all of us run dungeons.

    2. Make all lockbox items BoA. There is a serious problem when a player loots a two handed weapon from a lockbox but can't use it. If the item is BoA they have the option to switch it to a character that can use this; this additionally encourages them to buy a slot to create that character if they haven't already. As to the mount and companions, certain players may feel that it suits one character on their account but not another. Since it shouldn't matter which of their characters uses the one-use collectible involved, they should be transferrable via being BoA.

    3. Create a voucher system for lockbox marks instead of just giving marks. As stated in #1, not all of us run dungeons, and not all of us PvP. Giving us marks we won't use does not encourage people to buy more lockboxes but rather encourages them to buy *less*. If you offer vouchers in the lockboxes that can be traded at some NPC to get the marks you want then you alleviate the problem entirely.

    4. Don't create an achievement for things that must be bought in the store. I'm presuming that the achievement is a 0 point achievement, but this is still not going to be handled well. To avoid this, have the companions - if not the lockboxes themselves - drop from zone event bosses or at least dungeon bosses randomly.

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    So, failed to think about starting a thread like this here (I don't post often to the forums). But, since there's one here, let me go ahead and repost the suggestions I made elsewhere.

    Idea #1:

    1. Leave the Daily as is (Only one box, but countdown rewards subsequent days), but allow the player to choose what reward you want (Maybe not including everything, but at least the high tech themed gear/mount)
    2. Sell the boxes in store at discount for the promotion week.

    This way, folks can at least take away one cool thing from the event they may have wanted and may be tempted for more if they like.

    Idea #2:
    Another possible idea that just hit me, to keep it in line more with the 'World Event' style:

    1. Have the daily reward players with a currency type like the Doubloons, calling it something like 'Scrap'

    2. Put in a merchant that has only the mech themed items (Maybe just the mount, pets and costume versions of the weapons) that you can trade your 'Scrap' for.

    3. Sell the lock boxes in store, but include a few things the merchant cannot provide, a cooler looking mech, stated weapons, etc

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    For the duration of Mech Week, put the boxes as random world drops with a very rare drop rate(Like the Deeps' and Greenscale boxes), while having the in-store boxes discounted.

    Once the week is over, put various colored Mechs in the store for $15-20 worth of Credits, leaving out the one from the box. Put the Mech boxes up to the current in-game price, and just leave them in.

    Bam. Incoming steady profit from Fluff buyers, and the "burst" that Trion is so fond of from the box still being around.

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    How I would fix the event?

    First and foremost, i would make sure that each announcement or advertisement states, in no uncertain terms, that only a single free vault would be obtainable.

    There are other fixes i would add to improve this event. I would trash the catch them all achievement, nobody gives a !@#$ about a few holographic squirrels that are more expensive then the entire trophy tab combined. The Empyreal Mech would be available as a 1600/3000 credit purchase, rather then vault-exclusive. I would do away with the free vault entirely. I would revise the advertisement and announcement script. I would not have ever made this a world event. And i probably wouldn't release it during a week where the staff and powers to be are otherwise engaged.

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    1) Don't give soulbound spellpower two handed swords to Warriors. (Really? I've gotten 5 or six of these. It's silly.)

    2) If the pets are going to be soulbound (and not BoA) then prevent a character from getting duplicates - I've gotten three pets, two of which were the Mark III.

    Ideally, these lockboxes should work like the others - the gear that drops is usable by the character opening the box and is BoA.

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    1) sell the mech mounts individually in the Rift store. For a smaller premium, one can hope to get them in the lockboxes. That way, you either pay more upfront for what you want, or take the chance by paying less. But there would be a choice.

    2) things like mounts and pets should be bind on account, plz.

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