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Thread: Additional Emotes/dances. What would you like to see ?

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    Default Additional Emotes/dances. What would you like to see ?

    I love emotes the list is endless but a few that come to mind:

    * Heart - Making love heart shape with hands
    * Burp - For those Dimension feasts.
    * Dj - like standing at a record mix and listening to headphone shaking head like rock star
    * Night Fever - John Travolta stance
    * Moonwalk - Michale Jackson shuffle
    * Cheers - Raise a glass and toast
    * Happy Birthday Cake
    * Number One - hold finger up like number 1
    * Hipster - hands on hips
    * Howlin - Like a wolf whistle but more swag
    * Penguin - Walk like a penguin
    * Water Rings - Under water making rings or maybe a heart shaped bubble?
    * Pat - Being able to pat chars, pets and companions

    Side Note: Plus 1 feature in Dimension would be even greater if it lit up your screen when someone +1 a Dimension on your account. "Such and Such thinks s your Dimension rocks!" or something cooler...

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    2 Dances I want to see.

    1. A War dance! - Like weapon dancing.

    and wait for it.....

    2. The New Zealand Hukka!!!!!!

    +1 to Kiwis suggestions!
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