(Note: I am aware that the development team is currently working on this matter. Some of my suggestions may already be planned, but I want to provide as complete a set of recommendations as I can)

1. Separate pickup and premade teams. There is virtually no way that a pickup team can defeat a premade team, which is very bad for the play experience of the pickup team and presumably would not be ideal for the premade team either. As such, they should be in separate queues. While my experience has been that there are sufficient premade teams out there that their queue should be viable on its own, creating a "ranked" warfront system that requires premade teams (at a minimum of five-man blocks, or higher) should encourage premades sufficiently that their queue will be more than adequately effective. PLEASE NOTE: I do *NOT* recommend making gear specific to premade/ranked warfronts! The status itself should be more than sufficient, or perhaps special abilities that only function in a ranked matches.

2. Create a "team finder" for warfronts similar to the ones for dungeons. A very serious problem at this time is that there are often no healers on a warfront team. While the greater question of whether healers should be so crucial to a warfront match is a separate matter, I believe that a team finder/organizer tool would solve most of the problems. It may increase warfront wait times, but it's better to have fewer fair matches than more unfair ones. Distribution should be for a certain appropriate number of "main" healers, a certain number of "support" characters and a certain number of dps characters. Some of these slots, especially amongst support and dps may be "flex" spots that can support either depending on overall numbers. Also, what constitutes a main healer in one wf may not in another. Port Scion for example would probably do well with a Warden as a main healer but such would probably not be the case in Library of the Runemasters. PLEASE NOTE: this system would not be supportable in Conquest as Conquest now exists but I don't think it is nearly as needed there.

3. Streamline the PVP gear experience. As it now stands it's very confusing. See subpoints below:

a. Remove all PVP gear from the store that is below level 60. It doesn't work in PVP due to Ascended Courage. You can put it under Equipment as some of it can help in PvE but it should be clearly marked as such and have vengeance/valor removed, if it has any.

b. Alter Ascended Courage tooltip to reflect what your gear is being replaced with. Rift is "no traps, no tricks", so it should have transparency as to what is going on. Right now, we presume we're getting a freelancer's set but we don't know that. So make the tooltip show what we're getting and the issue is solved.

c. Remove pvp essences. They have no effect in warfronts whatsoever as you are getting a Freelancer's set of essences anyway and it is not justified to buy these just for open world pvp. If no-one had them then the playing field would be fair enough. Furthermore there are no pvp greater essences which confuses people given that we have two greater essence slots in a full engine; many people don't even know you can put lesser essences in those slots.

d. Either remove PVP seals or bring them into line with the rest of the gear. Seals are advertised as being crafting-only yet for PVP there is an essentially mandatory seal. I would recommend removing them, but if you're going to keep them make the baseline buyable one a Freelancer's seal (instead of mercenary) and create a Warlord's and Myrmidion's seal for normal progression up the line. Also, seals are currently not affected by Ascended Courage, and they should be. That way if someone has a PvE seal they will not be unfairly penalized; many people don't know the pvp seal even exists, probably partly due to being led to believe that only crafted ones exist.

e. Either update PVP trinkets or advertise them as being a "flex" spot. The PVP trinkets do not have valor and aren't affected by Ascended Courage which leads me to believe that by design they are a slot that are intended to be potentially filled by PvE trinkets. If this is so that should be explained to the players directly. If this is not in fact the case then they should have Valor like all other PVP items and be affected by Ascended Courage.