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Thread: For a Better Fashion Week...

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    Default For a Better Fashion Week...

    I am looking forward to wearing some of this new, player created gear, but I think if it is a true "World Event" then everybody in the world (real and Telara) should be able to benefit from it a bit more by creating crafting quests for Outfitters and maybe the other crafting skills which feed into Outfitters (like enchanments). Make it where we have to craft a bunch of things and make interesting ways to gather the needed components and maybe an Achievement or 2, too!

    You can do it Trion!

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    Ha, I wish there was player created gear. Sadly, all we have is player pieced together in-game provided gear.

    It is odd there's not just a little more to it than a pointlessly repeatable dancing quest. I wonder what qualifies as a "world event"? Extra Life was not a world event and had at least one achievement and title vs this event with none.
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