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Thread: Full crafting areas outside 6-20 zones.

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    Default Full crafting areas outside 6-20 zones.

    So, I have just started crafting stuff, and would dearly like to have to avoid travelling back to silverwood or freemarch just to have a complete set of crafting benches.How about some complete crafting areas further afield, Such as in gloamwood pines (currently just a lab & Workbench), granite falls(currently just a Loom and Forge), Whitefall/Chancel of Labors(just a loom so far...). Some of us like to think we have left the starting areas behind, and want to craft with materials in towns and areas as we get to them.

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    meridian, sanctum and tempest bay all have all that you need, including crafting merchants that can lvl you up to at least master (grand-master in TB).

    that being said i did find it slightly inconvenient to not be able to use the crafting merchants as i went along the first time, i visited the main cities plenty anyway though to sell stuff and use the bank.
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