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Thread: Request for in-game new player tutorials (multiple)

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    Default Request for in-game new player tutorials (multiple)

    (reposted from general so it's in the right section, also added some items)

    As a regular newbie helper on /4, I have found that 80% of the questions I hear are a form of:

    a. "Where do I get a mount?"

    b. "How do I make an auction listing?"

    c. "How do I open this lockbox?"

    d. "Where do I spend this corrupted (or whatever) sourcestone?"

    If during the new player experience there could be a very visible tutorial popup or something of the like that explains to players:

    a. Mounts are available starting at level 1 in the Rift Store; just check out the section on mounts! The most basic mount is a 60% speed boost and will cost you 2 platinum, 50 gold or (number) credits.

    b. In order to keep our currency economy protected from "gold farmers" and the like, we restrict new accounts from creating auctions on the auction house. In order to be able to make a listing you will need to accrue 1,500 store loyalty. This can be accomplished easily by buying $5 worth of credits but can also be accomplished by buying a Rift Exchange in-game from other players.

    c. To open a lockbox, you need an appropriate key based on its rarity. Blue boxes require blue keys, purple boxes require purple keys and orange boxes require orange keys. Keys are available via dungeon drops or are available for purchase in the Rift Store (I am assuming this info is correct, if not update it, thanks)

    d. Planar currencies can be spent in the Rift Store in the equipment section. Make sure to adjust the numeric level range in the search boxes to reflect the level of gear you are looking for.

    This would really help our new players and it's clearly something they need to know and equally clearly are not finding out on their own in a reasonable manner.
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