I've been reading in the forum posts about both PVE and PVP builds. It seems to me that the difference in play style between pvp and pve is substantial. The needs as far as PVE (both world and dungeon) is very different than what is needed for successful PVP. When I say "the needs" I mean the buffs, the procs, damage modifiers and speed of abilities, things like that. What we have now is a set of souls the we can pick three of and fill them in to make rogues, clerics, warriors and mages. What I see happening and being complained about is how people that do mostly PVP need and want things the a PVE player doesn't need and same the other way. Therefore, my suggestion is;
Add a new selection at the TOP level of the soul tree. It would want you to choose "Is this going to be a PVP or PVE character". Once chosen the soul tree could be almost exactly the same choices with the exception that the abilities in the souls would be optamized for the style of play you selected. Sure, you could choose PVP and play in the PVE envrionment but not as well and the same would be true of a PVE player style going to a warfront. I keep seeing people saying things like "You pvp players are ruining the pve aspect of the game because you are not happy with the damage or buffs". Some people will never play PVP, is it fair to make them use builds geared to PVP? I make the same statement on behalf of the PVP players being forced to use builds (souls) geared to PVE. Wee it's just a thought. I'm kinda new to Rift, I like it, I do have a lvl 60 Nec, a 40 ranger, a 40 Warrior and another 30 rogue. I do play in PVP with my warrior and my Nec. I have fun there and I still enjoy the PVE, looking forward to dungeons. Let me know if you think I am all wet, thanks for reading.