As a warrior I have a problem that I'm sure all callings with a Tank spec have.
I have no idea how much dmg I do.
PvP gear has less str and more AP than normal gear and I understand that Tank gifts don't offer dmg vs pvp targets.
These two change everything. For starters AP contribution and +%AP becomes more valuable than +% str. For example lets say you are 51WL, root 24 in VK is Accord of Power, is 40% Weapon contr better for dmg that going 25 para gon and get the gift?
To find out atm I have to spec both, go into a WF, find a healer and start chasing him. Die, change spec, find the same healer and do the same thing again. Only other option is to beg ppl to heal themselves for a min or two, that is harder than it sounds.

I'm sure healers have the same problem.

So can we please have PvP target dummies?