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Thread: Wedding Garbs / Veils and Character Gender

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    Default Wedding Garbs / Veils and Character Gender

    I'm a bit disappointed with the way the wedding costume items work; would it be that hard to separate the wedding dress and suit costumes? I mean, just because I made my character female / male that does not automatically mean that I want to RP getting married in that particular outfit.

    Its not that much of a stretch anyway, female character often wear pants and male characters wear robes in game. I mean, the more freedom you get with role playing the better, right? If we can have same sex weddings in game then why not this too?

    I also find it quite strange that the veils don't appear on male characters at all. It's one thing to have a different graphic for each sex, but its quite another to actually prevent a character wearing a costume item because of their sex; why not just let all character wear it like a normal veil, not some magical bigoted one!

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    I really wish my female bahmi could wear the male tuxedo outfit. I can marry another female, but I have to wear a dress... right.

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