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Thread: Animations and hiding weapons.

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    Default Animations and hiding weapons.

    As a mage I like having the different weapons result in different spellcasting animations. That's a pretty cool feature. That said, I really love the unarmed casting animation, and would love to have it as my default animation, but the way things are currently set up I can't do that without deliberately taking a stat hit by unequipping my staff.

    What I would like to see is either a way to hide weapons while still having them equipped (as perhaps a wardrobe feature) or a way to select which animations I can prefer using as a mage.

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    I have to agree with this. As i would love to see more casting looks/animations, while also having the ability to choose which animation you would use, or being also able to hide your equipped weapons.

    II would love to see them add a gauntlet-like focus to the off-hand items, which could give a look of casting spells thru the gauntlet or crystals/runes on the gauntlet at targets. IT would give something that is less like the normal ideas of focuses for mages.

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