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Thread: Voltaic Feedback suggestion

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    Default Voltaic Feedback suggestion

    The spell definitely can use some tweaks and maybe these can be considered.
    1) Increase Damage by 50% (bringing it up from 1.4K to 2.1K for myself)
    Still not doing as much as Neural Prod per hit (which is between 3k to 4K+), but we are thinking of adding some bells and whistles to compensate.

    2) Let VF affect AOE heals.
    Currently VF only does damage to the caster and the target of a Single target heal.
    So if I cast Bloom both my target and myself take a hit, but if I cast Flourish only I take a hit.
    Let it affect AOE and all the persons healed by it to make it more offensive.

    3) 1 cleanse removes 1 stack
    Currently one cleanse removes ALL stacks of VF. Make it like Haunting Pain in that it takes a couple of cleansing to fully remove. This is important as it will tie in with the following.

    4) 1 stack affects 1 ability usage
    Currently if I have 5 stacks of VF on me and I throw an AOE spell hitting 6 people, I burn off the 5 stacks of VF taking 5 hits of damage and the VF is gone.
    Make it so only one stack is burned off regardless if it was a Single target or AOE, but damage is based on how many were damaged/healed.
    So in the above example I have 5 stacks of VF. If I cast a AOE attack or heal spell, 1 stack of VF is burnt off and I take X hits of damage with X being number of targets affected, plus In the case of healing each person healed takes 1 hit of damage.
    As most AOE only affect up to 8-10 targets this would still do a bit of damage but would not one shot a caster by itself unless he repeatedly cast AOEs in short order without pacing himself.

    This would force the target to adapt their casting, whether spending GCDs on cleansing or slowing down their own casting to outpace the VF or take a moderate to serious hit if they continue using AOE effects.

    This may require a short cooldown for the power to compensate, 10 seconds would not be unreasonable if the above abilities were put into play since the power would last for a bit then.
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