I am posting this as a suggestion because it encompasses many aspects, but mainly because I am worried that the grind in SL in particular is taking the fun out of the game for players.

I have seen many of my friends and guildmates play the game less once they got to level 60 and even leave because they felt that the amount of grinding they had to do to get good gear was pretty high. I love rift, and because I do, it bothers me a lot to see some previously rift-addicted players fall out of love with the game and go.

Don't get me wrong, there are many excellent aspects of the expansion, and there is a great amount of things to do in it, but from what they have said, the grinding for rep, for sourcestone, for marks etc is worse even than it was for Infernal Dawn etc.

I myself have found, even though I am not desperately trying to get raid ready, that the rep for the different factions ends up useless for the high-end items by the time I have got the rep, because the other items I have got, through questing or doing the chronicle has made those items redundant. The rep faction in Ashora is the worst for this, because the quest chain is so short there, you have nothing but dailies to do, and those dailies give such a small amount of rep each time that you would be doing those same dailies for weeks just to get it levelled up.

This is grind, and grinding isn't fun. I know that some other games are WAY more grindy than this, but this is about Rift, and people I like are leaving it because of this issue.

I think if there were a greater number of ways to get rep, then it wouldn't be so bad because it wouldn't seem so grindy because of the variety. Perhaps the same should be done for the dungeon/raid marks, and reduce the amount you need or something. I am no expert on this, because I don't play for raids, but a lot of players stay in rift because of raids, and it is those people that have been leaving.

I can't quote you numbers and percentages of what it used to be like to grind for hammerknell, and infernal dawn, and what it is like this time. Perhaps someone more in the know can post that. Perhaps it isn't any more of a grind than it was before, but from those that have spoken to me, it at least 'feels' that way.

One thing that I can suggest in terms of currency grinding is to make a way to trade in lower currencies for higher ones. I did a lot of carnage quests in lower areas, and have nothing to spend those on, and likewise, I had a lot of old sourcestone I had been saving up that are now useless and I ended up just having to throw out on some minor planar experience gains. It would be better to be able to trade in a few of the old currencies, for the new ones, and indeed, some of the new low level ones for higher level ones. This would allow people who are not in large guilds, or who are not on at high-population times still able to slowly gear up over time.

I think generally introducing more ways of using currencies, and increasing the things that give rep etc is needed. I don't want to lose more friends who are getting tired of the grind.